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End time games english version

#1 von Dörte Donker , 16.04.2020 15:37

End time games

Below is a longer text I called End Time Games, from which I
am going to publish another chapter every day, Insch Allah

End time games

Man strives for redemption, that is due to his dual character in this world and the resulting “imperfection”. There is no religion, no matter how “primitive”, that has not designed an image of the end times and world renewal. The motives are always the same: good fights evil. We are all born into these notions of the end times, they determine our existence, but what few people are aware of. Today there are some foundations of these end-time designs, which are mainly shaped by two religions, Jewish and Christianity. In this matrix, eschatology has developed to this day and is always reinterpreted by historical events and interpretative currents. In my text I will deal with the formative phenomena of this “apocalyptic matrix” 1, which today mutate into a kind of controlled end-time game. One of the most important events that determine the matrix today is the Holocaust and the founding of Israel. Add to that the fulfillment of wars and epidemics, even the scenarios of a nuclear war. 2nd

The atheistic substitute religion

We live in a time when Western European people apparently no longer need religion. At least that's how he sees himself. Most Germans see themselves today as atheists. Religion supposedly had no business in politics, according to the agenda of a secular state like that of the FRGermany. In fact, however, man does not seem to be able to do without the transcendent and without something that is higher than the profane, and no state without a myth and rite.
Could the Holocaust have become a substitute religion, since it now has everything a religion needs: a creed, priests (Zionists), an increase in the victim (6 million and its singularity), martyrs, punishment for so-called denial, as at the time of the Inquisition, rites and places of worship, a religious center (Yad Vashem) and "redemption" through the formation of Israel etc. etc.?
Ex-President Gauck once aptly grasped this by exposing the Holocaust as a substitute religion that defies prudence and is exaggerated. Is this the religion of modern atheism, in which not God is worshiped, but his negation, the evil that makes us shiver?
“There is a clear trend towards the Holocaust becoming more and more private. This happens when the events of the German murder of the Jews are exaggerated into a uniqueness that is ultimately beyond understanding and analysis. Obviously, certain milieus of post-religious societies are looking for the dimension of absoluteness, for the element of shivering before the unspeakable. Since the non-religious lacks the summum bonum - God - absolute evil takes its place, which makes the viewer shiver. ”3

In order to give the whole its meaning for the legitimation of Israel, the Holocaust is exaggerated as a "singular event" and with repetitive rituals, victim and guilt confessions. It is actually not a bad thing to remember certain events and to have days of remembrance and also to remember victims of tyranny and racism, but can this kind of exaggeration be justified by the claim to singularity? It is not difficult to postulate that there are peoples who have suffered similarly or more than the Jews, such as the Iranians, who lost around 12 million people in a British genocide. 4 Genocides run through the history of mankind as long as it exists; unfortunate as catastrophic and unnecessary such events may be. Such machinations reveal the worst in people. And there are countless peoples here in the West and also in the United States who have never apologized for their atrocities and crimes against humanity during colonialism and slavery.
Also, no one has apologized to the Iraqi people for using nuclear ammunition against them.
No other community or people has ever been able to elevate its victims to such a cult status, which gives them a free ticket for their unlawful acts against the Palestinians, and no other people has accepted the role of perpetrator as much as the Germans, to whom it was even committed is imposed as an inheritance. But there are hardly any other peoples, like the Germans and the Jewish collective, who express themselves so brutally condescendingly about their own victims.

So there are quite devout Jews who see the exaggeration and instrumentalization of the Holocaust similar:
“First of all, we don't name the Holocaust with Zionist terms that were invented to justify the occupation of the country and to proclaim a state. Our view of things is simple: In the course of our 2000-year exile, we have endured a lot of suffering and death. Nevertheless, we generally enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts, for which we are grateful. As religious Jews we recognize the commandments of the Almighty in every situation ... First, they shouldn't go out of exile to their own state before the Messiah's arrival. Secondly, they should not rise up against the peoples of the world. ”5

The Holocaust has an impact on the image of God: While the Holocaust symbolized the death of God for some Jews, for others it becomes a new biblical chapter or the fulfillment of sombre prophecies, which one apparently wants to put an end to. Even worse, for some Jewish interpreters it has become the concrete collective punishment of God for their disobedient "people" who assimilated into Europe and neglected their commandments. You don't have to go deep into the Old Testament to find chapters and verses that reflect that thinking. Because if the Jewish collective is attacked by evils, it is written in several places there that their falling away from God is the reason; according to the Old Testament Jewish understanding. And the New Testament eschatological understanding of Judaism cannot deny that Jews should die if they do not recognize the returning Jesus Christ as Savior.
For some rabbis, the sin of their people was to indulge in the teachings of Zionism or even socialism; for others, it was not to have campaigned enough for Zionism and Israel. Micha Brumlik emphasizes: “The Satmar Hasidim were founded before the Holocaust - by Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, who advocated the philosophy of history that the Holocaust, the murder of six million European Jews, was God's punishment for Zionism and assimilation. "5 For others, it is even a" divine surgery ", which has led to the" annihilation of a rotten culture (that of the assimilated) in the service of national rebirth ".6

Another important theological theory represents the rabbi Ignaz Maybaum. He refers to the book of Isaiah 7 and sees in the mass murder of the Jews the promising sacrifice of the Jewish people as a collective; the servant of God, who sacrifices himself for his people without grumbling and thus washes them away from their sins. "The Jewish people actually became the" suffering servant "of Isaiah, they suffer for the sins of the world, Maybaum writes," ... in Auschwitz the Jews suffered on behalf of the sins of mankind. "9

This interpretation becomes even more important because it leads directly to the religious legitimation of the State of Israel.
Only Christians have the claim in Jesus Christ to have found this Messiah, the servant of God, who took his sins through his death, because they too invoke Isaiah. More than ever, there is a deep conflict between Jewish and Christian understanding that shapes global politics.
6 "Erst Manhattan, dann Berlin" von Wolfgang Eggerts Seite19

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RE: End time games english version

#2 von Dörte Donker , 17.04.2020 12:32

FRGermany and the State of Israel
The State of Israel and Germany share the same founding myth, the Holocaust. Some as perpetrators, others as victims. Due to the persecution of the Jews, our existence as Germans is fatefully linked to the fate of the Jews in the world and Israel. We currently understand this coping with fate not in helping the Israelis to have a good outcome in their self-development in the world, but in coping with and living out an experienced folk trauma of the past. A successful coping with an ethnically experienced trauma cannot be seen in doing something similar to another people. In a modern world based on human rights, one cannot justify and sanctify such an injustice with the trauma that was once experienced and call for the support of the international community for their crimes.
The Germans, as a self-traumatized people, are not the best advisers on how to deal with such a profound break in their own identity and development; we have experienced it ourselves and our reappraisal has not really succeeded, which can also be seen in the fact that the Holocaust is made a substitute religion, that Christianity is negated and that Zionism is supported without criticism; It also means that critics of Israeli politics are publicly disparaged as anti-Semites, and yes, one is already considered an anti-Semite if one draws attention to the suffering of the Palestinians and it is forbidden as a punishment to openly test the allegedly apparent events of the Holocaust. These are reprisals that are unworthy of a real democracy.

At this point I would like to say something personal:

My generation, born about 15-20 years after the war, soaked up the horrors of the Second World War and the Holocaust, so to speak, with breast milk and that deeply shaped our lives. We will soon leave this earth and this also applies to Jews, in which the following generations will free themselves of this trauma because it heals and they no longer want to be eaten up by the pathological "memory monsters". The way, according to the school curriculum, when we were 11-year-old children, we were shown the terrifying pictures and films and told us even more terrifying stories, of babies who were knocked against the wall to kill them, Jews from whom they made soap, etc. left a trauma on me; every day after school I went to the cellar to cry for months.
My beautiful childhood, which was full of love, beauty and God, was over from then on and God died in me, as for many Jews in Auschwitz. Today people are aware of the fact that you do nothing good to young children with it, after all there is a youth protection law and the story is usually only dealt with beyond the 10th grade.
I do not wish other children to have such memory monsters projected into us that eat up your little soul and your childlike love for God. That had nothing to do with repressing, but with healing; just as future generations are not to blame for their great-grandparents, and no one will be a victim or a perpetrator just because their great-grandfather was. Although there is a Jewish branch in my family, thinking like this is completely foreign to me, like thinking that I am guilty of any kind. I have to assume that great-grandparents, great-aunts uncles, nephews and nieces died in the Holocaust, but I cannot make a myth out of it or derive any special role for me. For me, dying was present in a variety of frightening ways through the stories of my parents; it wasn't just a Jewish death. These were stories of fear and death, of hunger and terror, violent, terrible deaths from bombs and low-flying vehicles and persecution, but also of almost superhuman courage in the face of the threat and death of saving others' lives. It is these silent heroes to whom no one in the whole delusion of guilt has ever paid attention that made up the soul of my family and my people for me.

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RE: End time games english version

#3 von Dörte Donker , 18.04.2020 11:23

The Holocaust and the Messianic Expectation of Salvation
"And I want to give them a monument and a name (" Yad Vashem ") in my house and within my walls ... which should not be erased"
(Isaiah 56, 5)

The word Shoa refers us directly to the book of Isaiah that we have to understand if we want to understand Holocaust theology. The word Shoa is used in the book of Isaiah and means a sudden disaster, storm, destruction. Isaiah 10.3 10
As already mentioned, the book of Isaiah is about a man chosen by God who experiences without complaining for the sins of the Jews, suffering and sacrifice, and rises again in the light. Isaiah 53
"Indeed, he bore our illness and burdened us with our pain. We thought he was the one who was plagued and beaten and tortured by God. ”
He is the one form of the Messiah, among others, and the Christians claim this servant of God, the mythical figure Isaiah, as already mentioned, in the form of Jesus Christ. According to the biblical story, after fulfilling his sacrifice, an Israel will be built as a 1000-year kingdom of peace for all peoples, it is written: Then they will forge their swords into plowshares and their lances into wine knives. They don't raise the sword, nation against nation, and they don't learn war anymore. (Joe 4:10) jes. 2,4 Isa.11, 1-9
The book of Isaiah speaks not only of salvation through his sacrifice for the sins of the Jews against God and Israel, but also of the liberation and restoration of Israel and the emergence of a kingdom of peace for all peoples. This promising salvation and the return of the Jews from the diaspora are at the heart of the message.

Prophet Isaiah wrote: “Do not be afraid, because I am with you. I will fetch your children from the east and collect you from the west. I say to the north: 'Give it here' and to the south: 'Don't hold anyone back! Bring my sons from afar, my daughters from every corner of the earth. ‹« (Isaiah 43: 5-6)
There are many weaknesses in the use of Isaiah by certain rabbis as a collective of Jews sacrificed in the Holocaust rather than a single messianic person. As the figure of the collective of Jews killed in WW2, Isaiah cannot legitimize the existence of Israel, as is shown in all prophetic books as a sequence of the restoration of Israel, the appearance of the Messiah is missing. Even if one transcends this redeeming figure into a collective, at least the peaceful Israel is missing, in which swords become flies and in which all peoples can take an example; as written. Because of the status quo, it is difficult to see that the Zionist collective makes itself the Savior and Messiah, and much less is Israel a kingdom of peace for the peoples, but a post-colonial apartheid regime. Even though other prophetic books speak of the "time of distress for Jacob" and Zechariah 13: 8 + 9, and Ezekiel 5 that two thirds of the Jews must be destroyed before the rest can return to Israel, the question still arises, how we have to judge prophecy. Because we finally find this prophecy in the New Testament, in the Revelation John, which says that only 144,000 Jews would be saved in Israel, ^ 11 after everyone had gathered there and the final struggle for Israel began. So it would be a fatal mistake to interpret the supposedly 6 million murdered Jews there and to give Israel this religious legitimacy and thus simply ignore the Christian eschatological matrix. What is in the Revelation of John should happen, all Christians agree more or less. And we have to recognize this interpretation approach to see that there are machinations to design a road map to fulfill the prophecy. I will go into what this looks like.

Zionism is not Judaism
There are Orthodox Jewish communities that reject life in Israel and the State of Israel for precisely the reasons mentioned above: the missing Messiah ^ 12. The appearance of the messianic form of salvation, followed by the revival of Israel and the return of the Jews from the diaspora is the actual sequence of Jewish eschatology, even if there are tendencies in end-time Zionist-Kabbalistic sects to change this sequence: first the production of Israel, then one War for Israel, in the wake of which the Messiah is said to appear. But the first three components make up Judaism, not Zionism, which, contrary to everything that was offered to the Jews, established its Israel.

“According to the prophets' explanation, this means: When the Messiah appears. In the Talmud, in the treatise Ketubot, based on a verse from the Song of Songs, the Almighty had demanded an oath from the Jews: First, they should not go out of exile to their own state before the arrival of the Messiah. Secondly, they should not rise up against the peoples of the world. ”13
Moreover, Orthodox rabbis see Zionism as idolatry. Is Zionism in reality the false prophet that appears in the Revelation of John, who is erected on the Temple Mount so that he can be heard and worshiped?
"The term 'Jewish nationalism' is a contradiction in terms. It is a redefinition of Jewish identity by redefining Judaism from a religion to a nationality. Judaism is not a nationality in the modern sense of the word. Jews are Jews only because they accept God's laws, not because they have a common country or language. The idea of ​​Zionism is an attack on our religion and, from a Jewish perspective, a kind of idolatry. ”14
Even if you want to biblically justify Israel's existence with 6 million murdered Jews as a fulfilled prophecy of "tribulation to Jacob" or the sacrifice of Isaiah, what if the official historiography (also the official historiography revises its numbers; out of 4 million Jews killed in Auschwitz) have just turned 1 million, the former Spiegel editor-in-chief has even reduced this to about 500,000, of which only about 300,000 are said to have died in the gas, for which he did not have to go to jail like countless others) does what the unofficial already does long does; revise the 6 million numbers, thereby taking away their singularity and the absolute claim of the Jewish collective sacrifice, since countless peoples have suffered comparable or even more? ^ 15

It is not a question of denial, trivialization or any other violation of a muzzle offense in the FRG, but only of the determination that historical processes are always subject to the interpretation of their time and how quickly current trends change or bans fall or new ones are added have already learned. No, you could also revise the number 6,000,000 upwards. And it would not change anything, because the point is that the Holocaust will not make all means holy forever, it cannot be used forever; even if it is striking that the myth that is supposed to justify everything is replaced by the myth of the “fight against terror” or in the future even by the fight against Corona, which could justify all means internationally. Even the coming generations, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, will probably have difficulty thinking about sticking to the thesis of the special position of the Holocaust in the face of ongoing human atrocities and wars and will get rid of the morbid "memory monsters". ^ 16

Therefore, even without so-called "denial", the Holocaust will soon no longer be able to serve as a license for the crimes against the Palestinians. It loses its mystified position on its own year after year, even if we added even more deaths. Israel without the Holocaust exaggeration becomes what it is in the eyes of the world: an apartheid regime.
It is also noteworthy that Zionism, which emerged a few decades before the persecution of Jews in the 3rd Reich, tried to raise awareness of 6 million Jews before and after the First World War, but this did not succeed. Has the number 6 x10 ^ 6 been taken from the Kabbalistic code of the Bible and Talmud, i.a. the myth of the 2/3 sacrifice before the restoration of Israel? 18
Was this number not mentioned for the first time at the Nuremberg Trials, but at the Zionist Congress in 1911, 22 years before Hitler and afterwards many times more. 19
It is a fact that before the Second World War and the terrifying experiences for Jews, Zionism was never an alternative, because Zionism was of course rejected by most Jews at that time. Today Zionism and Judaism are equated, although they are opposites:
Alan Hart writes: Zionism as the curse of Judaism, source published in “der”, independent public online Magazine: Judaism is the religion of Jews (not “of” the Jews because not all Jews are religious) and - like Christianity and Islam - is essentially committed to a number of ethnic principles and moral values.
 Zionism, which publicly constituted its existence about 4 decades before the obscenity of the Nazi Holocaust, is a secular, colonialist ideology that ridiculed and despised the moral values ​​and ethical principles of Judaism.
 First of all, it should be noted that the return of Jews to the land of biblical Israel through human action - a possible, though pitifully inadequate definition of Zionism - was prohibited by Judaism itself. (Few contemporary Jews seem to be aware of this, but this is a fact). In other words, Zionism was and is a rebellion against Judaism.
 Second: Israel was created - at least mainly - through Zionist terror and ethnic cleansing. And this crime, which robbed about three-quarters of the Palestinian indigenous Arab population of their country and their rights, did not happen by accident. It was planned in advance.


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RE: End time games english version

#4 von Dörte Donker , 19.04.2020 13:26

Zionism has become a modern religious orientation, regardless of personal religious belief, which is why there are many non-Jewish Zionists today, especially Zionist evangelicals, whose intentions we will find out. If Zionism was once an attempt to give Jews a home in which they are protected, even if it was against their commandments, Zionism today has different faces and is increasingly eschatologically shaped.

Are you allowed to mess with God?
“The world is currently being prepared like a stage for a great drama. The main characters are already there and are waiting for their hour in the story. The most important props are already set up. The prophetic piece will begin at any moment ... “The Last Battle for God's Kingdom, M.Scherer-Emunds, p.43
Even if we read the Old Testament prophecies about the sacrifice of the Jews in the "Tribulation Jacobs," Zechariah 13: 8-9
or the servant myth in Isaiah before the Holocaust restoration of Israel as fulfilled and thus finished, we still have a prophecy to be found in the New Testament that is not considered fulfilled: the so-called Apocalypse, described in the Revelation John.
One would argue that this prophecy of John and other prophecies have no meaning for modern people in the West, which is a fatal error. Western Europe may be increasingly irreligious, but
In the United States, a deeply religious Christian movement, the premilleniarist evangelicals, has been spreading for decades, and they have had intensive ties to the White House since the 1980s. It is they who support Israel and demand this support with a purely eschatological motivation. Nothing in the world can deny that the United States evangelicals, like many believing Christians around the world, are waiting for the global final battle, the Apocalypse, Armageddon, and the return of Jesus, and some are not satisfied with waiting. And in this process, 2/3 of the Jews in Israel have to perish again, according to the Old and New Testament interpretation of this Christian eschatology. For them, the "Tribulation Jacobs" and Zechariah is still an event that is imminent.

Jacob's Tribulation
"Why should believers pray for it and help Jewish people in the nations do aliyah - return to the land of Israel - if two thirds of them are killed there in" Jacob's Tribulation "(Jeremiah 30.7)?" Will be featured on the IFT -Germany.Org page asked and the answer follows prommt, 21
“There is a teaching going on in many churches and ministries that God gathers His people back in the country and will then allow a second Holocaust - some say it will be even worse than the first - to come upon them. These teachers are based on the belief that a seven-year period of tribulation will begin when the church is raptured (the "pre-tribulation rapture teaching"). The Antichrist will appear at the beginning of this seven-year period. He signs a peace agreement with Israel and even allows the temple in Jerusalem to be rebuilt. Then, in the middle of this time, after three and a half years, he breaks the agreement with Israel and starts a war in which two thirds of the Jews die. According to this teaching, this period is called “Jacob's Tribulation” in Scripture, an expression found only in Jeremiah 30: 7. why does God let that happen? It is taught that even after He has brought it home, His people Israel will remain stubborn and stubborn refusing to repent or to bend the knees before Jesus as their Savior. After millions are said to have died, the survivors will eventually accept Christ and become Christians. At the same time, the raptured church is in heaven and is enjoying the wedding feast of the Lamb as the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. While there are many variations in the details of this teaching, this reflects the basic framework. “21
The restoration of Israel, if possible within its biblical boundaries, the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital, the alleged “deal of the century” and finally the establishment of a new temple, where one of the most important Islamic places of worship now stands, are further important milestones for the road map of the evangelicals in the end times. 22

For no other reason do radical evangelicals support Israel: not because they want something good for the Jews in Israel, but because they want to see the Jews gathered in Israel for the return of Christ before the "unbelievers" among them are destroyed. Accordingly, the important genocide of the Jews is still imminent.
This is how evangelicals admit bluntly:
“The Jewish people have not yet learned the lessons from the Holocaust. Therefore, it has to experience more suffering. In comparison, the Holocaust will seem insignificant. ”A similar statement that is made again and again is:“ Two thirds of all Jews will perish in the great tribulation. ”In other words, the worst chapter in Jewish history is still ahead of us. Or, to put it more directly: In other words, the worst chapter in Jewish history is still ahead. Or, to put it more directly: God is bringing the Jewish people back to their homeland Israel to kill two thirds in a massive firestorm. ”23
They also make no secret of the fact that they see Hitler and the persecution of the Jews in the third kingdom of God's providence in their salvation plan.

Why the majority of Jews today actually assume that they are protected by the United States, which is currently driving the Greater Israel project through Trump 24, is not theologically tenable. Here is the saying: "If you have friends like this, you don't need enemies". The "Deal of the Century" appears earlier than the peace treaty with Israel mentioned in the Revelation John, which is broken 3 years later and leads to Armageddon. But more realistic is that it fails on its own.
It gets worse, because even in Judaism there are sects that devote themselves to the number-mystical Kabbalism, search for so-called Bible codes in their writings, and that help determine Israeli and American politics, and thus also the road map to the end times. They don't want anything good for their people either, but have a similar scenario of annihilation, which according to their interpretation makes the Messiah appear. Eggers writes in his book: “First Manhattan, then Berlin”, 25 that people who have a say in the politics of Israel and the United States, like Netanyahu, belong to such cabbalistic sects. Henry Kissinger is known for happily calculating how long Israel would last and predict Israel's demise in 2022. 26
Furthermore, in Trump's family environment we find his advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is also the Zionist end-time sect “Chabad Lubawitsch” 27
should belong. However much claims about such currents may be assigned to conspiracy theories, it remains that the Jewish Messiah is an end-time form.28
Trump with members of the Zionist sect Chabad-Lubavitch in the White House
Image here: https: //

Now, deliberately do not say that this sect is a Jew. In fact, it is forbidden to Jews, which we can already read from the famous philosopher Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) and whoever has read the Talmud surely knows that the period during which the Messiah could appear, let alone with the plan of God to stage a spectacle as if it could be directed.
Who can play the role of evil is easy to see in politics. Muslims are said to represent the adversary and a 3 million army, which is supposed to come from the east (according to John Revelation), is too happy to be seen in a Muslim army. For example, Muslims have to serve as the representative of the Antichrist, who are "agents of the Antichrist who must be destroyed in the Battle of Armageddon". You try to fulfill this prophecy by provoking a country like Iran to the utmost, you create hordes of terrorists to destabilize entire regions that will one day become the scene of the deployment of the ants of the final struggle, and that is a fact that these are initiated and financed by the CIA special unit "initiative preventive operations group", the so-called P2OG. 30 Finally, the general who successfully fought this IS terrorist organization is murdered. Who likes the above dismiss it as a conspiracy theory if the connections are so obvious, especially since IS was active where Greater Israel is supposed to be. 31 It is thanks to the intelligence of the Iranian people and the foresight of their religious leader that they cannot be provoked. And the bullying of Iran is nothing else. Iran is the only remaining country that could thwart the Armageddon plans and for no other reason did Syria have to be destabilized. At least that's my assessment.

Trump is blessed by evangelical priests the day after Soleimanie was murdered. 32

Photo can be seen here:

22 (Die letzte Schlacht um Gottes Reich)
25 Erst Manhattan - Dann Berlin: Messianisten-Netzwerke treiben zum Weltenende, Wolfgang Eggert rst manhattan, dann berlin
29 Erst Manhattan - Dann Berlin: Messianisten-Netzwerke treiben zum Weltenende, Wolfgang Eggert (Quelle S. Botschaftsbericht s. 126 ff ).
30 Erst Manhattan, dann Berlin (quelle S.160)

Aufgrund eingeschränkter Benutzerrechte werden nur die Namen der Dateianhänge angezeigt Jetzt anmelden!
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RE: End time games english version

#5 von Dörte Donker , 20.04.2020 12:58

What alternative does Israel have?
Israel is the bone of contention in the world and the fate of Israel is determined by many sectarian religious tendencies, less by realpolitik and what is reasonable. Because reason alone requires a different approach. And it is precisely this pre-apocalyptic bone of contention that Israel must and must not be if we believe the prophecies and this Israel could be this new 1000-year-old kingdom of peace. Yes, in all prophecies, the new Israel will be a realm of peace, a realm of peoples' coexistence, and none of the separation and denial of peoples. If I would like to advise the current Israelis, who have long been in the network of the evangelical Zionist spider, then it is the real task of recognizing Israel: a country in which the peoples and religions are reconciled and live as equal citizens . Because this is what the promised kingdom of peace Israel looks like; a role model for all peoples on earth. And Israel has long been a country from which 3 covenants with God emerged: Jews, Christians, Muslims. And that's how it has to be lived. And if it were lived that way, Israel would actually become the savior of the world.
History has taught us that this peaceful coexistence of the three religions can bring about a blossoming of civilization, humanism and progress.


Kabbalah is the only wisdom that explains the irrational hatred towards Jews. It describes the phenomenon of anti-Semitism as a law that stems from the nature of reality, and takes on a new face in every generation. Rather than trying to deny it, we have to learn how it serves the purpose of Creation.
According to Kabbalists, the Jewish people have a unique attribute, the potential to bring unity to all of mankind. Once they learn how to realize this potential, they will not only neutralize anti-Semitism, but also enable the whole of humanity to rise above the human ego and discover a life of social harmony.
This statement shows that every individual and every collective has the ability to choose the good.

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